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This page may help answer some questions about Camel Trophy watches. I get a lot of e-mails asking the same question so please don't be offended if I have redirected you to this page to answer a question you may have asked me.  Of course if you do not find the answer here don't hesitate to e-mail me.


Q1. I have registered with the website but can't log-in with the user name and password given too me?

Sadly as I am not a computer genius I can't work this out. The program I use to make the website is called Evolution X5 which is great for beginners like me but, the site has grown and grown.
All I can advise is using the Firefox browser as that seems to be the best one for the access permission.
If you can't log-in and need watch instruction etc. please e-mail me and I will send you what I can.


Q2. Where can I buy a new Original Camel Trophy Strap?

The basic answer to this question is "you can't"! The watches have not been made since 1999 and any "New" straps you may find will be over 11 years old. The age of the leather then totally depend on how it has been stored but leather dries out and becomes brittle.

The main strap used is called a " Triple padded Oiled watch strap" and is 18mm at the lug end. If you enter this in ebay the strap I use as a reasonable priced replacement should post up (normally from UK). This is darker than the originals but still looks good.

The more expensive option is the strap made for the Camel active 1000 series (FE 16418,70 QPA.1) . The strap is fantastic quality and still posible to buy. The only slight problem is that the strap is 18mm the whole length so you will need a 18mm buckle as the original is only 16/17mm at the buckle end (I have some 18mm Buckles). This strap will cost around GBP 30 +/-
The Logo Tab is very hard to come by and the best bet is to buy a cheap CT watch on ebay and keep the logo (Sadly I have no Logo's in stock).

The picture to the right is a Multichrono fitted with the Camel Active 1000 series strap


Q3. What is my Camel Trophy watch worth?

A very rough guide is on the "Value of 136 CT Watches" page on this website. You will need to register and will be sent a user name and password.  The Guide is only for the 136 series but there are many more watches in the CT range.
Recently a rare Camel Trophy watch sold for around €1900 on ebay!


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