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The Camel Trophy watches were copied but, in small numbers. The main watch copied was the "Superchrono" other watces copied just had the "Camel Trophy " logo but did not resemble any real CTs.

This page will never be completly finished so any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Watch Straps

The original watch straps (both pre & post 93) are now becomming very rear. Here are few pictures of signs to look out for to see if your strap is a Genuine Camel Trophy.


Watch Tags (Price Tags)

The original watches all had a tag of some type attached to the buckel. Here are a few:


Tin Presentation cases

Most of the tin cases are painted with a yellow cover the underside always being black. The first "big" cases were in gold. The cases came in 2 sizes, all of the higher range pre 1993 models came in a "big" case (28cm x 15cm) alot (not all) of the post 1993 models came in the yellow small case (19cm x 9cm)



The straps pictured below make a good replacement for the Camel trophy watch strap. Only slight problem is you need an 18mm Camel Trophy Buckle as the "old" standard is only 16mm. Most of the later CT had 18mm buckles.

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