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Mondaine number given (after 1993):  136.201-229
Date of manifacture:  1989>
Functions:  SC, AM/PM, Chronograph 1/10 sec.
Movement make & model:    Morioka Tokei VD01A
Number of jewels:   0
Movement Type:  Quartz, Unajusted
Water resistant:  5ATM
Case and back plate :  All Stainless steel push on back
Battery:   389-390

Notes on this Watch Type:
This watch is the true spirit of the Camel Trophy watch. A high quality Stainless steel case and press on back plate(5ATM). Easy to read dial with a eye at 6 oclock that shows AM/PM, split seconds then full minuits.The VD01A movement was almost exclusive to this watch.


Watches ID (last 3 numbers):      202    

This watch:

This watch came from Italy and cost 268,000 Ltr in 1992. The was fitted with a very old CT strap that has been exchanged for an original CT solid stainless steel braclet.

This watch came from: Italy, Jan 2010


Watches ID (last 3 numbers):      203     

This watch:

This watch came from: Germany, 2009



Watches ID (last 3 numbers):       204   

This watch:
This very watch is the one that convinced me to collect Camel Trophy Adventure watches. My wife brought me this watch in 1992 for DM 459 (about 259 pounds then) At the time I was in the forces and for the next 13 years it was put through an extensive test of quality (Gulf, Bosnia,Canada, The Alps etc.) The watch has had at least 5 new watch glasses and a new watch strap almost every year for my/its birthday. So please excuse the state of this example but it has been used for what it was madeā€¦ Adventure!
I am quite sure this watch was made in 1989 as the bill stated "U15-C 89"

This watch came from:  German Jewler 1992


Watches ID (last 3 numbers):      205   

This watch:
This watch has been well used and has some battle scars as proof!

This watch came from: German, Nov. 2009



Watches ID (last 3 numbers):       (M) 202   

This watch:
This watch has never been worn and for good reason. The watch looked like it was working fine as the second hand was moving and the hour and minuets too... until they got to 9:20 then only the second hand and small dial kept moving. A replacement movement can not be brought for this watch so I had to repair it. The problem was that one of the gears had been miss pressed and 1 tooth was missing! After finally finding a broken donor on EBay the watch has been going ever since.

This watch came from: Germany, 2008


Watches ID (last 3 numbers):       (M) 211 Meridian-Multichrono   

This watch:
This Multichrono  (722.211-215) type watch turns up quite often as it was the *upgraded "Duty Free" version of the very popular Multichronos (seen above). This watch has really travelled the world! It was brought originally on a long distance flight from USA to Tokyo late 1998. The watch came in a cardboard box (not tin to save space on the jet liners). I settled the agreement with a very nice Japanese gentleman that send the watch without me paying him first. The watch arrived in Germany Customs after around 3-4 weeks but they sent it back to Japan after around 1 week! The watch was sent back to Germany again! And finally after around 3 month, 2x postage, German Income Tax, and 3 trips to the customs I have the watch in my procession! So I think this watch has passed every country it has stamped on it's bezel!  Normally I would not have brought the watch but the seller was trying to raise money for his fellow countrymen after the earth quake disaster. Although this is not a 136 series I will be keeping this watch as I get a lot of questions about them.

* Screwdown back plate, 10ATM, bigger push buttons, Dial is pressed, Stainless steel bezel with world times. Started production in 1996

This watch came from: Japan, 2011


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